#!/usr/bin/python # # Check/update default wiki pages from the Trac project website. # # Note: This is a development tool used in Trac packaging/QA, not something # particularly useful for end-users. # # Author: Daniel Lundin <daniel@…>

import httplib import re import sys import getopt

# Pages to include in distribution wiki_pages = [

"CamelCase?", "InterMapTxt?", "InterTrac?", "InterWiki?", "RecentChanges", "TitleIndex", "TracAccessibility?", "TracAdmin?", "TracBackup?", "TracBrowser?", "TracCgi?", "TracChangeset?", "TracEnvironment?", "TracFastCgi?", "TracGuide?", "TracImport?", "TracIni?", "TracInstall?", "TracInterfaceCustomization?", "TracLinks?", "TracLogging?", "TracModPython?", "TracNotification?", "TracPermissions?", "TracPlugins?", "TracQuery?", "TracReports?", "TracRevisionLog?", "TracRoadmap?", "TracRss?", "TracSearch?", "TracStandalone?", "TracSupport?", "TracSyntaxColoring?", "TracTickets?", "TracTicketsCustomFields?", "TracTimeline?", "TracUnicode?", "TracUpgrade?", "TracWiki?", "WikiDeletePage?", "WikiFormatting", "WikiHtml?", "WikiMacros?", "WikiNewPage?", "WikiPageNames?", "WikiProcessors?", "WikiRestructuredText?", "WikiRestructuredTextLinks?" ]

def get_page_from_file (pname):

d = try:

f = open(pname ,'r') d = f.close()


print "Missing page: %s" % pname

return d

def get_page_from_web (pname):

host = "" rfile = "/wiki/%s?format=txt" % pname c = httplib.HTTPConnection(host) c.request("GET", rfile) r = c.getresponse() d = if r.status != 200 or d == ("describe %s here\n" % pname):

c.close() print "Missing page: %s" % pname

c.close() f = open(pname, 'w+') f.write(d) f.close() return d

def check_links (data):

def get_refs(t, refs=[]):

r = "(?P<wikilink>(|(?<=[A-Za-z]))[!]?[A-Z][a-z/]+(?:[A-Z][a-z/]+)+)" m = (r, t) if not m:

refs.sort() result = [] orf = None for rf in refs:

if rf != orf:

result.append(rf) orf = rf

return result

refs.append( return get_refs( t[m.end():], refs)

for p in data.keys():

links = get_refs(data[p], []) for l in links:

if l not in data.keys():

print "Broken link: %s -> %s" % (p, l)

if name == 'main':


opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "ds")

except getopt.GetoptError?:

# print help information and exit: print "%s [-d]" % sys.argv[0] print "\t-d -- Download pages from the main project wiki." sys.exit()

get_page = get_page_from_file for o,a in opts:

if o == '-d':

get_page = get_page_from_web

data = {} for p in wiki_pages:

data[p] = get_page (p)


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